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Automatically Renaming Hyper-V Guest VMs Using Desired State Configuration

You’ve created yourself a shiny new virtual machine inside Hyper-V, quite possibly using a cool method of quick-deploying (or maybe Packer, or something else). You’ve already given your new baby a name inside Hyper-V Manager … but what about the Guest OS? Windows boots up and calls itself WIN-49NMA43RF, but let’s use Desired State Configuration and spruce things up a bit.


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‘Sous Vide’…Yogurt?

There’s a hot cooking trend lately, a method called sous vide — by which food is cooked in a hot-water bath, after having been sealed in [plastic] packaging. High-end restaurants have been using this technique to deliver perfectly cooked protein, and taking it beyond what’s otherwise practically possible in the kitchen, by completely transforming meats or vegetables by cooking for extended periods of time (as in, 1-3 days). If this is new to you, check out this primer — the immense precision it gives you as a cook makes it perfect nerd-fodder.
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