Posting to Cisco Webex Teams via Powershell

Or, “API Basics for Powershelling Windows Admins”

My team has begun rolling out Cisco’s Webex Teams collaboration platform to our internal users. As is often the case, the IT department is the first customer, kicking the tires and exploring different use cases. I happened to be working on a Powershell-based script to create new Active Directory users, and decided to get creative …


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Automatically Renaming Hyper-V Guest VMs Using Desired State Configuration

You’ve created yourself a shiny new virtual machine inside Hyper-V, quite possibly using a cool method of quick-deploying (or maybe Packer, or something else). You’ve already given your new baby a name inside Hyper-V Manager … but what about the Guest OS? Windows boots up and calls itself WIN-49NMA43RF, but let’s use Desired State Configuration and spruce things up a bit.


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