Automating VMWare NFS Datastore Creation using the NetApp Powershell Toolkit

20151023 powershell datastores

Let’s say the Widgets team asks you, the storage administrator for a new datastore to be added in VMWare…

What information do you need to collect about the nature of the datastore?

  • Do you want that on SAS or SATA (maybe these VMs run everything they need in RAM, and rely little on disk, but need a lot of it)?
  • In which datacenter will this datastore reside?
  • What’s the purpose of this datastore, ie, how can it be differentiated from the others, and therefore named?
  • Which environment is it for? Production, Test, Dev, DR, a specific team?

Great, now that we have the facts, what are the steps for delivering the new datastore? Continue reading