Hyper-V ‘Quick Deploy’ VMs with Powershell & Differencing Disk

Creating VMs in Hyper-V the manual way is easy enough – lovely wizard, boot from ISO, install your OS, boot in, patch it up, be on your way. But it takes time I don’t have. It also takes tons of disk space, which I also don’t have (I’m running off a laptop’s SSD). How can we speed things up while slimming down?  Continue reading


Fixing a Broken CIFS/NetBIOS Alias

After shifting CIFS duties off a Windows server and onto our NetApp SAN, we wanted to take over the name of the Windows Server and have those requests hit the SAN instead. We kept our directory structure intact, hoping that users wouldn’t need to make any changes, in order for their usual paths to still work.

Well, one alias worked just fine, and the other didn’t.

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